A Smart System To Get Your Pet Home
ZPetTags.com: IT ALL STARTS WITH SECURITY.  As the owners of ZPetTags.com we have a lot of real world experience with Internet safety.  We gained our experience through another technology company we own - PaperlessFiles.com.
PaperlessFiles.com is a company that creates custom document management software for school districts, doctors and management companies who wish to go paperless.  Our software allows companies to easily store information and scanned documents in a cloud based secure server that we manage.
We have incorporated the same security features we use with PaperlessFiles.com to protect the data we manage for ZPetTags.com.  Our system is designed to keep your information confidential even from ZPetTags.com employees.  This means that if you lose your password no employee can give it to you.  The system will only send an email to the owner of the account so that they can reset their password.  So you can feel comfortable that NO ONE WILL EVER SEE YOUR INFORMATION OTHER THAN THOSE YOU WISH
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